2 – 4 weeks prior to appointment

  • Confirm your appointment time
  • Arrange for transportation, child care, and/or time off work for the appointment
  • Arrange for a translator (as needed)

1 week prior to appointment

  • Review instructions sent from the urologist’s clinic.
  • Complete any questionnaires and required lab work or imaging (e.g. ultrasound).
  • Make a list of your current medications (names, dosages, time of day taken)
  • Make a list of your medical history (diagnoses, chronic conditions, dates of previous surgeries)
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the urologist

Day of the appointment

  • Allow enough time to find parking at the hospital (minimum 15 minutes)
  • Bring your Alberta healthcare card
  • Bring your list of medications and medical history information
  • Bring your list of questions
  • Bring something to do while you wait for your appointment
  • Check the information sent to you, so you know where to go for your appointment

Important things to know

  • Urologists do their best to be on time; however, emergency situations can arise. Allow yourself enough time for your appointment and waiting time (minimum 1 hour).
  • WIFI is currently not available at the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology.
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