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High blood pressure can cause kidney disease.
True - High blood pressure is the leading cause of kidney disease. Over time, high blood pressure can weaken and damage the blood vessels in the kidney.
Smoking decreases the flow of blood to the kidneys.
True – Smoking can impair kidney function. It increases the risk of kidney cancer by approximately 50 percent.
Dietary calcium causes kidney stones.
False – It seems intuitive that increasing your calcium intake would increase your risk for kidney stones. However, the opposite is true. Research shows that individuals who avoid calcium are more likely to develop kidney stones. Calcium and oxalate bind together to create stone crystals. However, when calcium and oxalate combine in the stomach they don’t get absorbed into the body.
Drinking eight glasses of water a day is necessary to maintain healthy kidneys.
False – There is no firm, scientific consensus on how much water should be consumed daily. The amount of fluids consumed per day, including water and other non-alcoholic beverages, depends on many factors, including age, exercise intensity, climate, and whether an individual is pregnant, breastfeeding or suffers from kidney stones. Generally, men benefit from about three litres and women benefit from about two litres of non-alcoholic and caffeine-free fluids daily.
Taking Ibuprofen regularly can cause kidney damage.
True – Ibuprofen and other common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs taken regularly can cause kidney damage. However, occasional use is unlikely to pose problems. Individuals with chronic pain should see their doctor about other options for managing pain.
Diabetes is a risk factor for kidney damage.
True – As high as 50% of people with diabetes will develop kidney damage. Individuals with diabetes should take steps to control their blood glucose levels and have regular check-ups with a physician.
Exercise promotes kidney health.
True – Physical activity helps to prevent obesity, diabetes and hypertension, three risk factors for kidney disease.
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